Society vs. The Black Man vs Racial Bias

I was compelled to write about this topic. I have read several post and news article pertaining to “Black Men“. This criminal Bonnie Sweeten (white women) claimed a “black man” kidnapped her. In actuality she was in Florida with her daughter at Disney. She felt by saying a “black man” kidnapped her it would send people in a world wind without thinking twice! The media continues to betray them as “drug dealers, rappers and ball players“. This continued misrepresentation doesn’t give the decent law-abiding working black man a chance. They are lawyers, doctors, business owners too. Stop peggingBlack Men” to be monsters. Stop putting “All” black men in the same category because of your bad experience or heresy.

At the end Bonnie Sweeten, the con artist, was able to use America’s racially-biased perceptions against it.  I cringe to think about how many innocent black men throughout history have served long prison sentences because of the lies of all the “Bonnie Sweetens“. Due to the fact we have some good upstanding law enforcement who decided to dig a little deeper realized this was all a lie. They figured out she was just as much a criminal than the one she pegged to be. This woman was not just a con-artist but she stole over a million dollars from a law firm and family for years.

 Had this happened many, many years ago, Ms. Bonnie would have gotten away with it all and the “black man” would have been doomed. Ask yourself this question “Why was this so easy for her to put this incident on the “black man” Is it because of the media? I don’t want to ponder on the “white woman” because our black men have to step up as well. Stop giving society/media something to talk about.

Uplift yourself and become better citizens. Go to school get your education and be that business owner or lawyer. Pull your pants up and present yourself better. No this will not stop them from pegging you..but it will give them less to talk about. Thanks for reading “WandaThinks


5 thoughts on “Society vs. The Black Man vs Racial Bias

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